The DBT Centre of Vancouver is pleased to offer an array of consultation services for mental health providers, whether you are an individual looking to further your clinical skills or an organization looking to develop a DBT program.

For a list of organizations we have worked with, workshop evaluations and testimonials, please click here.

Individual Consultation

We regularly provide consultation services to individual mental health providers looking to advance their clinical skills, particularly in relation to DBT. These services are individually tailored to best meet your needs and can include assessment of your current strengths and areas for improvement, teaching of new strategies, modelling of how to use these strategies, role-plays, and a review of your sessions (using audio or video recordings) with an eye towards helping you become a more adherent DBT provider. To find out more about these services, contact us at or 604-569-1156.

Group Consultation

We greatly enjoy providing consultation services to agencies looking to provide compassionate, evidence-based care to complex cases and have done so with organizations across Canada.  We offer a range of consultation services including leading study groups, consulting on building DBT programs, and regular consultation regarding the management of complex cases.  If you’re looking to develop a DBT program or are seeking assistance in the better management of complex cases, contact us at or 604-569-1156 regarding scheduling and fees.