Comprehensive Assessments

In addition to our standard intake/psychological assessments provided for those seeking therapy services with the DBT Centre of Vancouver, we also offer Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Services for those interested in answering other more involved questions.

Our comprehensive psychological assessment services include:

  • A more thorough assessment of personality and personality disorder
  • Assessments of intellectual functioning
  • Assessment of an individual’s experience, and coping with pain

The types of questions comprehensive psychological assessments can help answer include:

  • To what extent, if any, does this individual’s psychological functioning contribute to his or her current difficulties?
  • What are the more adaptive and less adaptive elements of this individual’s character?
  • If there are problems with how this individual relates to his or her environment, what are some possible strategies to help him or her manage more effectively
  • Does this individual have the intellectual capacity to manage his or her affairs independently?
  • Does this individual’s response to coping with pain help or hinder recovery from injury?
What is a comprehensive psychological assessment (and how is it different from an intake assessment)?
  • The primary goal in comprehensive psychological assessments is assessment across a wide variety of psychological domains. They are mostly different from intake assessments in the amount of time involved; comprehensive psychological assessments rely on more information than intake assessments and so take more time.
  • Comprehensive psychological assessments are often used to help third parties understand an individual better (e.g., for case management purposes, for legal purposes, etc.).
  • Comprehensive psychological assessments are designed to provide a more thorough examination of an individual’s strengths and problem areas, along with an understanding of functional impairment or capacity. Comprehensive psychological assessments include recommendations for help in the problem areas that may include psychotherapy (but also may not).
  • Comprehensive psychological assessments include more details about psychological information about an individual:
    • Personality functioning: A description of personality (including strengths) based on file review, two broad-spectrum self-report personality inventories, a comprehensive clinical interview and clinician-administered broad-spectrum measure of personality functioning.
    • Intellectual functioning: A description of intellectual ability based on file review, a clinical interview, and a battery of subtests addressing different aspects of cognitive functioning.
    • Coping with pain: A description of an individual’s understanding of and response to pain, including his or her thoughts about the event(s) that caused it based on file review, several self-report inventories and a clinical interview.
    • Personality, intellectual ability, and coping with pain can be combined in one large comprehensive psychological assessment, or discussed individually in smaller comprehensive psychological assessments.

If you are a law firm, insurance company, or organization interested in a comprehensive psychological assessment, please fax us the following referral form to 604-569-1230 or contact us directly at 604-569-1156.

If you are seeking therapy services for yourself, please refer to our Clinical Services page for therapy services.