Jennifer A. Shaver


Jennifer A. Shaver, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Washington, who recently immigrated to Vancouver from Seattle. Jenny works with older teens and adults and specializes in treating suicidality, self-injury, and anxiety-spectrum, trauma-related, and substance abuse disorders in simple and complex presentations. Jenny earned her doctorate at the University of Arkansas in 2015. While on internship at the Veteran’s Affairs Maryland Health Care System/University of Maryland School of Medicine Psychology Internship Consortium in Baltimore, she received advanced training both in assessing and treating psychotic-spectrum disorders and in mindfulness-based treatments for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Jenny followed these experiences by completed a two-year fellowship in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in association with the Behavior Research and Therapy Clinics (BRTC) at the University of Washington immediately prior to joining the DBT Centre of Vancouver. During her fellowship, she received supervised experience from DBT-Certified clinicians in treating highly suicidal, self-injurious, and substance abusing teens using DBT, as well as in leading DBT skills groups for adults and families. She also received expert supervision in family and exposure-based treatments for eating pathology and anxiety-spectrum disorders, respectively. During her fellowship, Jenny served as the associate director of the clinical training and director of data management for the BRTC. She continues to be involved in research presentations and manuscripts through association with other BRTC staff and students. Her primary research interests center on identifying which skills and protocols within DBT account for the benefits of the treatment. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys a wide array of television programs, along with working out and spending time with her miniature Australian Shepherd, Bear.