Events for Mental Health Professionals

We will be running our popular three-day DBT skills workshop in Vancouver in June 20th – 22nd, 2018 in Vancouver. For more information and to register, visit our workshop page.

If you would like to receive notifications on upcoming workshops and classes, please visit our Professional Development page for more details and to sign up for our list serve.

 Advanced DBT Skills Group

We are running an Advanced DBT Skills Group for those clients that have completed one cycle of the core DBT skills. Because it is an advanced skills training group, the assumption is that group members have at least a basic understanding of the core DBT skills and want to increase their ability to act effectively through additional skills training. One cycle of the advanced DBT skills group is 17 weeks long.

The advanced skills training group is less structured than the core DBT skills training group. Because group members have some familiarity with the core DBT skills, they are able to have input into what elements of skills training they want to focus on. The advanced skills training group will review some of the core DBT skills (e.g., mindfulness) and expand on some material (e.g., mindfulness, interpersonal skills) that is not usually covered in the 26-week cycle of core DBT skills (e.g., walking the middle path, behaviour change strategies).

The group runs Wednesdays from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

Next cycle is set to begin mid-January 2018. For more information, please call 604-569-1156.

Events for Loved Ones and Family Members

We will be running the 8-week Family & Loved Ones program this Fall. This special course is designed to provide partners, family, and friends with tools for better understanding and assisting loved ones. This group will also teach participants some of the practical skills commonly covered in the DBT groups to effectively manage emotions, communicate to others, and tolerate overwhelming distress.

We typically run this course in the spring and fall, pending registration. For more information, please visit our resources for family members and loved ones page.

 Staff Announcements

Congratulations to Dr. Alexander L. Chapman  for being awarded the Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Simon Fraser University!